Facts & Figures

This is the third revised and fully updated edition of a report first published in 2011 to mark ESGO’s first Patient Seminar.


Since then ENGAGe was established to provide a platform for patient groups to share and exchange information, to stimulate the creation of new advocacy groups where there is a national and local need, and to join forces at the European level when appropriate. Progress and policy change can often only be achieved with a united voice across specific diseases: this is why facing the challenges together is so important.


Patient Seminars


Patient Seminars are a platform for leaders of patient groups to share & exchange knowledge, foster collaborations and empower themselves with information that will help them tackle the issues they face back home.


Four successful patient seminars have been organised 2011 - Milan, Italy; 2013 - Liverpool, UK; 2015 - Nice, France and 2016 - Antalya, Turkey. All seminars were organised during ESGO's biennial congresses.  We invite you to browse these pages and learn more about each seminar and what was set out to achieve.


Clinical Trials Brochure


ENGAGe has joined forces with ENGOT (European Network for Gyanaecological Oncological Trial groups) and are releasing a brochure in English  What is a Clinical Trial - a Guide for Patients and Families


Brochure in Spanish and Swedish


Gynaecological Cancer Factsheets


ENGAGe is pleased to share fact sheets on individual gynaecologic cancers which help educate women about the different types of gynecologic cancer.  If patient groups would like to adapt and translate from English to their own language please contact ENGAGe.