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April and May activities by ASACO

Spain: Most of this last month activities have been focused on the organization of WOCD 2019. We are happy to have been able to hold four conferences in different town: Alcobendas (Madrid), Barcelona, Córdoba and Zaragoza. We got a very good attendance and impacts on several media and social networks. This year we have been backed by two Spanish actresses that presented the events in Alcobendas (Madrid) and Barcelona; Sílvia Abril and María Isabel Díaz Lago. Besides, we placed information tables in Asturias and Valencia. We hope our message has reached many people and made them aware of the symptoms and approach to Ovarian Cancer. We thank all the doctors, authorities and sponsor who collaborated to make it possible.

Moreover, we attended the Consensus Conference in Berlin at the beginning of April, it was great to maintain two meetings regarding the involvement of patients in Clinical Trials and to analyse the most important problems we face in order to improve patients´ QoL. We are grateful to the organisation and to the doctors that made possible for patient advocates to be there sharing our opinions.

At the end of April, we took part in an event set up by a weekly magazine “MUJER HOY” and could give our testimony on gynaecological cancers to a large audience, together with three doctors specialized in these diseases.

Very recently, a famous Spanish journalist and model, Sara Carbonero, has been operated of Ovarian Cancer. No need to say that we are sorry for her, but she has been very brave and announced her illness herself. Fortunately, her cancer was in an early stage and the prognosis is very good. It has had great impact on media, both written and TV, so that we have been contacted from various media and have had the opportunity of sharing our problems once again and spreading them to a large number of population.