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Lecture evenings about gyn-cancer in Sweden

Sweden – The network against gynecological cancer – Lecture evenings about gyn-cancer

We have evenings about gyn-cancer in four Swedish cities beginning April. We expect to reach round 600 people. People with gyn-cancer, their relatives and people working in the hospitals or with rehabilitation or people in general. We have short lectures between 5 pm to 8 pm. The lectures are about prevention like better screening program, know your family (about heritage). One section is about care like complementary and alternative medicine, palliative care, sex and cancer. This year we lift vulva cancer so we have a section about that to. The lectures are mixed with short filmed (3 min) patient stories. At the end we have a section about news in treatments. All lectures are between 7-12 minutes depending on subject. We have used that format for some years now and it has been successful. Long enough to get the message from the lecturer but not allowing them to go too deep into the subject.