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What early symptoms of ovarian cancer should all women be aware of.. ?

Watch what the swimmers share, what all women need to be aware of …the early symptoms of ovarian cancer…

Ask yourself if you have you for a long period :

…a swollen stomach?

…had no appetite?

…need to pee often?

…had pain in your stomach?


If you have

take these symptoms seriously – tell your doctor!

800 get ovarian cancer each year

600 die from it…


Early discovery saves lives

So take care of yours – seek help in time!


Watch it on YouTube, and join 15.000 that have already seen it so far…

We hope to raise awareness among 5.000 more women every year!


On Ovarian Cancer day, we had it play at a big grocery store (Willys), so women could view just before they left the shop.

600 visitors per day view it on our homepage, and you can use google translate as well …

Watch it Now!


About Us

We are a network of patients, relatives and more involved who spread knowledge and create debate on gynecological cancer diseases. We support women who have suffered by placing higher demands on today’s healthcare.

We want the care to work more actively with prevention. We want all affected women to have access to quick and optimal care and treatment. 

And we want you as a woman to teach you how to protect you, care about you, your body and your abdomen.