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XIII. European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week by Malow Flower Foundation


Hungary – Malow Flower Foundation – XIII. European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week

120 cities, villages made campaign with the Mallow Flower Foundation
In every year from 2014 the Mallow Flower Foundation organizes the ECCPW in Hungary.

Each year the Mallow flower tries to make a very colorful, creative campaign ( last year: Powwowing Panties Pub) which is really good to bring closer the people, women, men to the cervical cancer, HPV topics, as we all know the intimacy and stigmas of these fields.

In 2019. they took a huge Hungary map in a shopping mall and on a Saturday people could come and beading bracelet from pink, white pearls . All the bracelets were collecting in a huge vase and following the program the Mallow Flower sent them to several hospitals gynecological departments for the women who are in the hospital, with a message: You are not alone!

From the Ministry of Human Resources the Health State Secretary had a speech at the program and promised that besides the girls HPV vaccinating program the Hungarian boys will have the possibility as well.

This is a big step, as in Hungary from 2014 the girls can have the HPV vaccine.

It was a hole country program, 120 cities, villages connected in and in all places people made bracelets and had program.

The Mallow Flower Foundation granted the leaflets and presentation for all cities.

You can find the main program here.

Here are some cities: