2021 ENGAGe plans and projects

Dear ENGAGe members,

We are bringing you information about 2021 ENGAGe projects which were approved by ENGAGe Executive Group during its Strategic meeting last week.

ENGAGe projects will be newly managed by working groups, so if you wish to be part of any of the working groups, please, don´t hesitate to contact us. We can offer +1 seat on the Patient Advocacy Seminar for the active member of the working group.

The projects are as follows:

Patient Advocacy Seminar which should be held October 22-24, 2021 in Prague, Czech Republic with the motto: When orange meets purple (ESGO and ENGAGe collaboration). The topics for lectures are being prepared at the moment but we will fulfil all your wishes from “the Members wish survey”. We can reveal that one of the topics will be Quality of life.

E-Best Practice Sharing webinars: 2 webinars from members for members (each will cover 2 topics) in March and June. Should you like to present any of successful campaign, project or experience to ENGAGe members, don´t hesitate to contact us!

Educational courses there are 3 Educational courses planned (each for 2,5 hrs) designed for ENGAGe members, ESGO clinicians and sponsors in April, May and October.

We will need your cooperation within the next ENGAGe projects planned for you: surveys on the following topics:

  • HPV survey
  • Sexual health survey (in cooperation with ENYGO)

New brochures will be produced for you.

  • Covid-19 brochure is nearly done and will be distributed shortly
  • HPV vaccine brochure
  • HPV test brochure
  • Recurrences in gynaecological cancers
  • Genetic testing
  • PARP inhibitors in gynaecological oncology

If the financial situation of ENGAGe allows it, we will prepare a translation grant for our members.

For GO DAY on September 20, we are preparing a campaign with new ideas! You will be informed shortly via GO Day Newsletter as GO Day working group has already started to work!

The clinical trial project continues in cooperation with ENGOT – 20 patients/members of the clinical trial project are being educated by ENGOT clinicians.

ENGAGe Teens – a new project presented to you during the General Assembly meeting is being prepared so stay tuned!

Information about actual topics webinars, lectures, information will be sent to you continuously.  “Covid-19 vaccination and cancer patients” webinar is being prepared for you at the end of February/beg of March.

Last but not least, let us inform you, we have a new colleague in the office – Iva Zahradníková who will, together with Eva Streglova, Zuzana Santamaria and Jana Holanová take care of some of the ENGAGe projects.

We have prepared a lot for you and we are looking forward to seeing you all involved! Should you be interested in any project in detail, don´t hesitate to contact us!

Icó Tóth & Murat Gultekin

ENGAGe Co-Chairs