There are three membership categories within ENGAGe

Full members are:

  • the European patient and advocacy groups in gynaecological oncology.

Associate members are:

  • patient groups dealing with broader health issues;
  • patient groups dealing with broader cancer issues not specifically focused on gynaecological oncology only;
  • any non-European patient groups.

Associated members can become Full members after fulfilling two following conditions:

  • one year by proved involvement in gynaecologic cancer and/or in ENGAGE international campaigns and/or projects;
  • membership will be voted as specified in 2.3.1. of ENGAGe bylaws.

Please note, that non-European groups cannot become Full members.

Individual members are:

skilled based volunteers.


Please, bear in mind that according to the ENGAGe bylaws, different coalitions can become partners but not members of ENGAGe. Would you like to become a partner of ENGAGe? Contact us on email:

Are you patient advocacy group (PAG) or a skilled based volunteer? Become a member of ENGAGe!

The more we are the stronger we are!

And Each member of ENGAGe can use the following stamp on their website.

Fill in the application form and send it back together with your PAG Bylaws (no translation to English needed) and PAG structure (in English) to and we will get back to you!

If you are an Individual, who would like to become an ENGAGe member, please, fill in this form and send it to us.

You can read the ENGAGe Bylaws here.

If you want to know more about ENGAGe, please visit our website or contact us on our email address:

If you are not a member of ENGAGe and you want to join us for the Patient Advocacy Seminars, let us know on our email:



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