To my soul


To my soul is different than most ENGAGe brochures. It was created with the objective to aid women impacted by gynaecological cancer. Despite our best efforts, we are unable to always hold your hand or be by your side. However, we
want to offer you courage for the arduous journey so that we can continue to be by your side even when you are gripped by fear, afraid, sad, depressed or feeling extremely alone. Let us bring peace to your heart and spirit.

Allow yourself to cry if you feel like crying and be very proud of you if you have taken a step. This brochure was created in collaboration with experts to support you as you navigate the challenging path of the disease. We believe that the state of our
body and soul determines our overall health.

This booklet is for your soul: you can read it, colour it and solve puzzles in it. It is your personal guide, your diary, you way of relaxing and focusing on different topics than cancer.

We hope it will help you and you take it with you, either to the hospital or home.

We would like to bring peace to your heart!


This brochure was written by Mallow Flower foundation, our Hungarian ENGAGe member and was edited to suit European context. It is therefore not an ENGAGe brochure but a brochure endorsed by ENGAGe. It belongs to a special section of brochures called From members to members.


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