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Join us on the celebration of World GO Day (World Gynaecological Oncology Day) on September 20th!

July 2019

ENGAGe and ESGO are very excited to update you on the progress of World's First Gynaecological Oncology Day Launch. 22 non for profits, mostly from Europe and some from United States, will be celebrating the day together. A symbolic game against gynaecological cancers will be played. Survivors, caregivers and HC Professionals will meet in a basketball/volleyball/soccer game with attendance of our volunteers from professional sports club.

You can download Marketing Toolkit for the event and Sponsorship File for possible local interested sponsors.

Feel free to use any information to raise awareness about this project. You are welcome to address any other non for profits, anyone who is willing to take part, including any women’s product companies. Make this day your own and all about women! Our campaign is for the public and our messages are not only for treatment, but also for prevention measures,

We have started social media campaign on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Please, share our content, hashtag us #worldgoday or produce your own content with the hashtag and let the world know the GO Day is coming!




The website worldgoday.org was launched. We will be sharing your content on this website, so please send us any relevant information you want to be shared and feel free to share any information you like.

We are also very happy to announce that we will produce united T-shirts and pins, which will be sent to each organisation who takes part in this project.

List of the countries participating in GO Day: Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, UK, USA






May 2019

ENGAGe and ESGO invite their members, health care professionals, government/policy makers, women and friends/families impacted by gynaecological cancers and General Public to celebrate first World Gynaecological Oncology Day, World GO Day.


Ovarian, uterine, cervix and other gynaecological cancers are among the most common cancers affecting women, but collectively attract less attention than they deserve from the public and policy makers.  Women themselves may be unaware of the sometime vague symptoms or may be too embarrassed to consult a doctor, and there remains a stigma associated with these diagnoses in some quarters. This reticence needs to be overcome and a more positive message developed to improve the prevention, screening, treatment and care of gynaecological cancers so that women throughout Europe have the best chance of survival and quality of life.

Raising public awareness in matters of prevention, early detection, understanding of symptoms and treatment options in gynae cancers, healthy lifestyle has been on the ESGO (European Society of Gynaecological Oncology) agenda for many years. In order to raise the awareness, advocate and educate patient advocate, patients, their families and lay public, the ESGO established the ENGAGe (European Network of Gynaecological Cancer Advocacy Groups, a network of patients advocates and patients in 33 European countries in Europe).

Together with 2,500+ individual ESGO members, the health care professionals involved in prevention, research, treatment of gynaecologic cancers, ESGO and ENGAGe represent a unique and exceptionally strong network of professionals and volunteers committed to fight against this silent killer.

With the partnership of ENGAGe and ESGO Members, on the day of September 20th, survivors, caregivers and Health Care Professionals will meet in a basketball, football or volleyball game with attendance of our volunteers from professional sports club, to play A GAME AGAINST GYNECOLOGICAL CANCERS worldwide.

This new initiative will be spearheaded by ENGAGe that will promote collaboration among patient groups, strengthen local advocacy activities and provide a platform for stakeholder engagement by bringing local and international attention to Gynae cancers and educate women on prevention, detection, best treatment options.

See the video clip!

Watch the webinar about the GO Day strategy.

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