The 12th Patient Advocacy Seminar was held in beautiful Barcelona. A huge thanks to all of our participants for their energy and commitment and for making the Seminar unforgettable. We would also like to thank to all the speakers and presenters for fascinating and knowledgeable content. We really appreciate and value your time and inputs.

The presentations can be viewed on the closed website for ENGAGe members, however, we are also preparing a report for those, who haven't got an access to the members´site.

The programme run from Friday, March 8th through to Saterday, March 9th.  The latest version of the programme can be found here.

The full report of the 2024 PAS is available here.

We have already started working on the preparations for the next Seminar and are hoping to see you there! Please take a moment to browse through some photos below to bring the memories back:)

Should you have further questions, don´t hesitate to contact us at

Your ENGAGe office