Why are ENGAGe brochures so important

ENGAGe brochures are one of the essential tools in supporting patient pathway though cancer


Patients who are informed correctly about their disease, options of treatment and its downside are more prone to make conscious choice on their treatment. Also doctors appreciate the possibility of a dialogue with informed patients.

ENGAGe brochures constitute a powerful source of up-to-date information for patients from expert clinicians. These brochures are drafted with care by the ESGO clinicians, incorporating latest trends in cancer treatment. Every brochure is carefully read by a cancer patient or patient advocate assuring the language used and the content is fully understandable to every woman.


In 2021/2022 we have produced 8 new brochures and translated over 70 brochures to 23 different languages.


ENGAGe Chair Prof. Jalid Sehouli together with past ENGAGe Chair  Prof. Murat Gultekin have expressed their conviction on why they find brochures crucial.


Our Patient associations talk on the importance of brochure for them and their members in short videos. Please have a look at:


Icó Tóth, Mallow Flower, Hungary

Pascale Jubelin, IMAGYN, France


We would sincerely like to thank all sponsors who support the creation of these brochures financially. Our sponsors have no influence on the content of the brochure.