ENGAGe is pleased to share fact sheets on individual gynaecologic cancers which help educate women about the different types of gynecologic cancer.  If patient groups would like to adapt and translate from English to their own language please contact ENGAGe at engage@esgo.org.

Ovarian, uterine, cervix and other gynaecological cancers are among the most common cancers to affect women, but collectively attract less attention than they deserve from the public and policy makers.


Women themselves may be unaware of the sometimes symptoms or may be too embarrassed to consult a doctor, and there remains a stigma associated with these diagnoses in some quarters. This reticence needs to be overcome and a more positive message developed to improve the prevention, screening, treatment and care of gynaecological cancers so that women throughout Europe have the best chance of survival and quality of life.

The overview of all brochures produced by ENGAGe can be found on Brochure page.


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