Patient Advocacy Seminar 2022 was held in Berlin, October 28-30

The motto of the PAS was: "ORANGE MEETS PURPLE" and believe us, there was no better way of reaching so many doctors and patients/patient advocates at once!



We would like to thank all the participants as thanks to them the atmosphere had been really great and unforgettable, to all the speakers and presenters  whose inputs were very welcomed and valued and last but not least to all ENGAGe supporters as without them, we could not be able to arrange event of such a quality.

The presentations and videos can be watched on the closed website for ENGAGe members, however, we have prepared a  Report of 2022 PAS for those, who have not access to the members´website.

The programme started on Friday, Oct 28th at 12:30 and ended on Sunday, Oct 30th at 12:10.  The latest version of the programme can be found here.

We prepared a great scientific programme with the top specialists in the field of gynaecological cancer as well as the psychologists and we have returned to the format of Roundtables to allow you to have closer and more intensive debates and we hope you will also enjoy the interactive workshops.

Should you have further questions, don´t hesitate to contact us at:



2022 PAS Poster instructions


Click here to view the document with poster instructions.

Please note that this year the poster session will be located in the main congress exhibition only so there will be no need to print two copies of your poster. Also there is time allocated in the programme for you to briefly present your poster and then during the poster viewing session you can have a discussion at your poster.

We are looking forward to your posters!