Patient Committees

ENGAGe Patients Committee (EPC)


ENGAGe set up patient’s committees to have a better focus on different gynaecological diseases and more possibilities in prevention and care in Europe. Each committee member is a representative of ENGAGe member.

There are four committees:

  • Cervical Cancer Patient Committee: Icó Tóth, Kim Hulscher, Denisa Laubrová
  • Ovarian Cancer Patient Committee: Linda Snoep, Graziella Borabito, Birthe Lemley, Marjo Sorsa, Eka Sanikidze
  • Endometrial Cancer Patient Committee: Maria Papageorgiu, Lina Koliouri, Sheila Elmes
  • Rare Cancer Patient Committee: Eva-Maria Strömsholm, Konstantina Toli, Ineke van Aken