ENGAGe Patients Committee (EPC)


ENGAGe set up patient’s committees to have a better focus on different gynaecological diseases and more possibilities in prevention and care in Europe. Each committee member is a representative of the ENGAGe member.

There are four committees:

There are 3-4 members in each EPC. ENGAGe involve them in projects related to their disease. Their tasks are:

  • To focus on the disease
  • To View/review/co-write the leaflets or brochures, update the existing ones
  • To represent ENGAGe in conferences, then prepare the summary from the event - based on ENGAGe Executive Group request and approval
  • To help encouraging other members to translate materials and to cooperate on diverse ENGAGe projects
  • To collect the best practices, good campaigns related to the disease from ENGAGe members
  • To provide their opinion about the projects related to their disease when asked by ENGAGe Executive Group
  • To report about the EPC activities to ENGAGe Executive Group two times a year
  • To organise and participate in TC every 3 months within the EPC
  • To help in organising/taking part in the Patient Focus Group project
  • To collect countries ́ data related to their disease
  • To help finding more interested NGOs in Europe


The position of EPC is as follows:


If representative of ENGAGe member would like to join EPC, please, contact us on engage@esgo.org.