'Working with the Media' Toolkit

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When you think of working with the media, consider that there are paid media and earned media. Most of this guide will discuss details related to earned media.

Nonprofits and patient organisations often prefer earned media because of cost factors, but also because as news, the public is more apt to believe when it appears as news. It can also create a more compelling case for information dissemination and engagement.

After a brief discussion to help you determine and shape your media approach, we will address paid media first, and then move on to how to build and use relationships to enhance earned media.

This toolkit provides useful tips, samples and how-tos to help non-profit volunteers and professionals work with the media to advocate on behalf of their organisation and mission. For those who are new to media work, this toolkit provides the basics for getting started.

For those who are more experienced, each part of the resource guide can serve as a checklist for your ongoing efforts to keep the public informed through media.


Click here for the 'Working with the Media' Guide:

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