Cervical Cancer Patient Committee (CCPC)

CCPC has started to work in the field of cervical cancer.

One of the first tasks is to try to find European NGOs which can become ENGAGe member. Members are also cooperating on preparation of the Patient focus group project and many more.

We would like to present you members of CCPC:


       Icó Tóth

"My name is Icó Tóth, I am from Hungary. I am the president of the Mallow Flower Foundation/Mályvavirág Alapítvány, we work for gynecological cancer patients and cervical cancer prevention in our Country.

I am the co-chair of ENGAGe, but besides these I am a mother of 2 daughters and a cervical cancer survivor."

   Kim Hulscher

"I am a cervical cancer survivor. I was diagnosed in 2013 when I was 39 years old. I joined Stichting Olijf, the Dutch network for women with gynaecological cancer in 2015. Together we are working on prevention, research, information, patient advocacy and a community for survivors. I am happy to have the opportunity to represent Olijf at ENGAGe. Together we can improve the quality of care and the quality of life for women with gynaecological cancer troughout Europe."



   Denisa Laubrová

"I am proud member of the patient organization Veronica in the Czech republic since 2019 - platform for patients with gynecological malignancies.

The main topics we focus are among others also HPV DNA testation and vaccination.

In 2018, when I had cervical cancer, I spoke publicly about this disease in the most watched Czech TV stations and also in the print media (I consider my story in Cosmopolitan women´s magazine as a success) to eradicate the disease and help spread awareness. "


If you want to join CCPC, please, contact us on engage@esgo.org