Ovarian Cancer Patient Committee (OCPC)


OCPC has started to work in the field of ovarian cancer.

One of the first tasks is to try to find European NGOs which can become ENGAGe member. Members are also cooperating on preparation of the patient focus group project and many more.

We would like to present you members of OCPC:

Linda Snoep    

"2014 started for me with the treatment of ovarian cancer. I am also a BRCA-gene bearer. But most of all: I am a happy survivor and proud to be able to support other women with gynecological cancer. At ENGAGe I see a great opportunity to learn from each other, to increase our knowledge and to inform the specialists about our needs. I come from The Netherlands and I am a representative of Olijf, the Dutch gynecological cancer network."

Marjo Sorsa            

"It was 2011 when I had ovarian cancer first time. It has relapsed twice, but thanks for good treatment, I have received possibly to enjoy my life so many years although cancer. I think it’s important that all women with ovarian cancer receive the best possible treatment throughout Europe.  There are also many long-term side effects in women with ovarian cancer. I think we need to pay more attention to the quality of life of all gynecological cancer patients. I come from Finland and I am co-founder of “Gynecological Cancer Patients in Finland”. 


Manuela Bignami           

"I’m among the founding people of Loto Onlus, active in Italy in the fight against ovarian cancer. I responded to the call of a friend in 2013, patient and now President of Loto Onlus. For the Association, I deal with organization and development. In these years I have known through many women's personal stories the countless faces of this disease, too often cruel and painful. I think a huge and common effort is needed to fight it. That's why in ENGAGE we work for this!"


Graziella Borabito

Birthe Lemley

Eka Sanikidze



If you want to join OCPC, please, contact us on engage@esgo.org