Rare Cancer Patient Committee (RCPC)


RCPC has started to work in the field of rare gynae cancer.

One of the first tasks is to try to find European NGOs which can become ENGAGe member. Members are also cooperating on preparation of the Patient focus group project and many more.

We would like to present you members of RCPC:

Eva-Maria Strömsholm    

“I am an active patient advocate from Finland diagnosed 2008 with a rare form of ovarian cancer called Dysgerminoma. I have co-founded and are vice chairman in Gynaecological Cancer patients in Finland. For me it is important to get the rare gynaecological cancer patients voices heard as they face many difficulties because their cancer is a rare type."


Ien Fransen 

"I am 63 years old.Have three children.and live in Holland. I am a member of Olijf, organisation for gynaecological cancer. Since 2009 I have granulosacel tumor (rare form of ovarian cancer.)
While there was nobody else with the same cancer I felt lonely sometimes. And while there was almost no information about GCT, I felt unsure.
I would like to tribute for making this cancer more well known and to make sure that all patients have access to this info and to each other."


If you want to join RCPC, please, contact us on engage@esgo.org