ENGAGe Clinical Trials project



This project is done in ENGAGe - ENGOT collaboration

ENGAGe now has a group of ‘patient experts’ originating from 10 different European countries. They cover the diseases

Cervical Cancer
Endometrial cancer
Ovarian Cancer and
Rare Cancers

ENGAGe has been collaborating with ENGOT on this project since the beginning. So far, there have been 9 webinars, and 2 study books have been developed based on the knowledge gained in the webinars. There has also been an opportunity to listen to ESGO conferences on gynecological cancer.

A test has been developed based on the webinars and the study books, and many of the participants have now passed the test.

More webinars and a face-to-face meeting are planned for 2023, so the project is ongoing.

Why was this project started?

The purpose of the project is to educate a group of gynaecological cancer patients to a level where they will be able to give the patient perspective in the design and development of clinical trials. The knowledge of this group of patients may also be used in surveys, consensus statements, as co-authors in articles in medical journals, as patient reviews for foundations etc.

If you are interested in the project, please, do not hesitate to contact ENGAGe office at engage@esgo.org

The Study books are available for ENGAGe participants of the Clinical Trials project however if you are interested in getting the basic information about clinical trials, don´t hesitate to consult our Clinical Trials brochure  in English or in different language translations.

Study book 1 and Study book 2.