Quality-of-life series


ENGAGe has been undertaking a Quality-of-Life project. The aim is to bring doctors and patients together to explore quality-of-life issues for women living with or after gynaecological cancer. This series introduces different topics and highlights special, sometimes intimate issues that are often not discussed during medical appointments.

ENGAGe members have been translating our brochures and project resources into different languages to raise awareness of these topics.


The first topic in our 2021 series was sexuality during/after gynaecological cancer treatment.


Created based on ENGAGe members’ requests, this sexual health series provides information and online support to all gynaecological cancer survivors. It has been produced in cooperation with ENYGO.
We understand that sexual health is often seen as something taboo that is too sensitive or intimate to talk about. We want to break the silence about sexuality because there is nothing shameful about this subject. Sexual health has been neglected for far too long in medical settings, leaving gynaecological cancer survivors alone with the problems and difficulties caused by their cancer diagnosis and treatment.

In 2021, our sexual health series included:

  1. A sexual health webinar – held online for ENGAGe members exclusively
  2. A sexual health survey  conducted together with ENYGO - This survey is ongoing. Please help by participating and sharing your experiences, so we can learn from and support each other.
  3. Brochure can be downloaded here. If you are interested in translating the brochure into your language, please, contact us at engage@esgo.org
  4. A sexual health workshop held during the Patient Advocacy Seminar in October in Prague.Special thanks go to Assoc. prof. Kathrin Kirchheiner from Medical University of Vienna, Department of Radiation Oncology, Vienna, Austria for her dedication and work for ENGAGe members. 

    In 2022, ENGAGe will focus on the topic of Menopause.

    Our plans include a new brochure, webinars and podcasts on this topic as well as special lectures during the 2022 PAS in Berlin.