Dear ENGAGe members,

We are pleased to announce the upcoming elections to the ENGAGe Executive Group (EEG). These will be held during the ENGAGe General Assembly, on Sunday, October 24, at 08:30-10:00.

After two years of excellent service, our current EEG members, namely Icó Tóth, Co-Chair of ENGAGe, Birthe Lemley, president of KIU Denmark and Maria Papageorgiou, president of K.E.F.I. Greece, will finish their term in the EEG in October.

Icó Tóth decided not to candidate for the next term. Icó will stay on the Past Co-Chair position and will be helping the new Co-Chair to get smoothly into the management of ENGAGe. Birthe Lemley, who will stay the Clinical Trials project manager, is not eligible for next term due to the 3.8 of ENGAGe bylaws.

According to the ENGAGe bylaws, the EEG is to consist of four members nominated by ESGO Council and three members representing patient advocates elected by the ENGAGE General Assembly and two members representing patient advocates nominated by Nomination Committee. These are volunteering positions which require willingness and capacity to participate at the ENGAGe leadership, lead diverse ENGAGe projects, and occasional travelling for ENGAGe. One of these three elected candidates will be elected as Co-Chair of ENGAGe Executive Group and becomes an ESGO Council member.  An ideal candidate for the Co-Chair position needs to have leadership and management skills, proven experiences in a not-for-profit sector as a patient advocate. She/he should be available to participate at the ESGO Council meetings (twice per year) and to represent ENGAGe at different occasions. The Co-Chair amount of work is up to 15 hrs/week on average including different teleconferences. Advanced level of English (spoken and written) is a necessary condition for all three positions.

Therefore, any motivated ENGAGe member (=patient advocacy group) who wishes to work in the EEG, is welcome to propose a candidate in the elections. The term of office in the EEG is 2 years. Each ENGAGe member can nominate its representative as a candidate for the elections, however and according to the bylaws, each country can be represented by only one member in EEG.

All  candidates standing in the elections will get 5 minutes for a presentation (ppt facility will be provided if requested) prior to the on-site casting of ballots during the General Assembly. The top 3 preferred candidates elected by simple majority of all ENGAGe present members will be declared elected. Out of these three candidates the Assembly will choose the future Co-Chair at an additional voting.

Interested ENGAGe members should forward their candidate´s motivation statement (250 words) with a photo to the Nomination committee by June 18th, 2021 to the ENGAGe office: eva.streglova@esgo.org.

The motivation statement should explain motivations to be in the board of ENGAGE and suggestions for future directions.

Name, photo and motivation statements of all candidates for all positions will be made available on the ENGAGe website after June 18th, 2021. By submitting the nomination to the EEG election, the candidate approves the publication of his/her name, photo and motivation statement on the ENGAGe website.

We highly encourage you to take an active part in the ENGAGe organization and propose the best members of your patient advocacy group to stand in the ballots.

Be involved and shape the future of our organization!

We are looking forward to receiving nomination from your group by June 18th end of the day and seeing you all on Sunday, October 24, 2021, at 8:30 for the ENGAGe EEG elections!

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries.

Kind regards,

Icó Tóth & Murat Gultekin

ENGAGe Co-Chairs


ENGAGe Bylaws