Webinar: New Improvements in Ovarian Cancer Treatment


You can look forward to the lecture of prof. Nicoletta Colombo and hear about, what has changed in the treatment of Ovarian Cancer in the past ten years and what are the signals for the future.  

Webinar: Trends in CIN management

The webinar will be presented by Prof. Elmar Joura and Prof. Murat Gultekin. It will be done in cooperation with ESGO Prevention Com

Webinar: Endometrial cancer and immunotherapies: New hope?


You can look forward to the lecture of prof. Klaus Pietzner on Endometrial cancer and immunotherapies. The link to attend the webinar will be sent only to the registered members – you can find the registration link here.

Ovarian Cancer Prevention Webinar


Webinar on ovarian cancer prevention for patients and patient advocates. Speakers:  Prof. Dr. Ranjit Manchanda (UK) Prof. Dr. Claudia Marchetti (Italy) Dr. Eric Leblanc (France) Moderators: Prof. Dr. Murat Gultekin Birthe Lemley   Watch How to prevent ovarian cancer

Don’t overlook Touchpoint 1

This webinar is for all ENGAGe members who would like to broaden their knowledge on the topic of Centralised specialist care for ovarian cancer. Please register for the event using the following link.

World GO Day 2024 campaign – guide for participants


This webinar is offered to all the World GO Day active participants and to those who would like to join for the first time. Therefore it is opened not only to ENGAGe members but to anyone who would like to raise awareness about gynaecologic cancers and organise an event on (or around) the 20th September…