EEG meeting


The members of ENGAGe Executive Group will meet in Berlin.

Clinical Trials project: webinar on genetics


The presenters are: Dr. Florentia Fostira, PhD, Greece,  on Ovarian Cancer: Hereditary Aspects, BRCA1/2 and beyond Prof. Carien Creutzberg, The Netherlands, on Endometrial cancer: update on the molecular classification and genetic aspects   For participants of the Clinical trials project only!  

Webinar for ENGAGe members: GO Day campaign


We would like to invite you to the e-best practice sharing webinar on 2022 GO Day campaign which will be organised for ENGAGe members in cooperation with Adison company on June 20th, from 18:00-19:30 CET.  If you want to register, please click here.  The webinar is open for ENGAGe members.  

RISCC educational webinar – 2.


The second webinar from the series of RISCC (Risk-based Screening for Cervical Cancer) webinars - this time on education. The agenda you may look forward to is: 1. HPV and Cervical cancer Natural history (Murat Gultekin) 2. Primary prevention - vaccine (Maria Brotons) 3. Secondary prevention - screening (Johannes Berkhoff) 4. Q&A session For RISCC ambassadors…