ENGAGe new brochures – Covid-19 recommendation and HPV vaccination

We are bringing you two new brochures which were produced in 2021!

First one is actual information about the Covid-19 and its relation to gynae cancer patients.


The Covid-19 pandemic has altered the world and our everyday lives. Cancer patients are the focus of special attention not only because they belong to the high-risk patient group but also because their cancer treatment usually requires very complex conditions.

This brochure aims at providing answers to questions on how to balance the fear for one´s health and the progression of cancer. Focus should always be on best possible treatment of cancer but during pandemic some steps need to be carefully considered.

Download your copy of the latest brochure on Covid-19 brochure for cancer patients in English.

Following our general HPV brochure we decided to produce one more specific brochure on HPV vaccination. It offers a coherent view on HPV vaccination, its benefits and gives an insight into different vaccination schemes in different European countries.


More ENGAGe brochures on diverse topic to come later this year!!!