The 2 days Patient Seminar Program in Antalya was a platform for leaders of patient groups to share & exchange knowledge, foster collaborations and empower themselves with information that would help them tackle the issues they face back home.


The 2016 Seminar opened on September 8 with welcome speeches and keynote lectures on Gynecological Cancers: Primary and Secondary Prevention Strategies, followed by a full day of sessions on September 9 as well as the ENGAGE General Assembly and Steering Committee Election. The seminar covered a wide range of topics and aims to encourage direct interaction and discussions between leaders of patient groups and healthcare professionals.


For more information view the detailed ENGAGE Patient Seminar Program by clicking below:

ENGAGe Patient Seminar Program


Presidents and representatives of international and national associations, which have beaten cancer and patient relatives attended the seminar. View the list below:

ENGAGe Patient Seminar List


Watch the latest insights and take-home messages world experts and patient advocates representatives shared at the ENGAGe Patient seminar.

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The program featured a line of awareness activities including yoga, spinning and ESGO run. The aim of these activities was to raise attention to the importance of a physical activity in the prevention of cancer.


 ESGO Traditional Run 

Let’s Be Active, Everyday Counts

Friday, September 9th, 2016 Susesi Hotel, Beach, 06:00-07:30

On the beach there were three lanes, each representing a specific gynaecological cancer type. At each of the finish lines the runners got balloons that reflect the colors of the cancer type and set the balloons free together at the end of the run, symbolizing the fight against cancer, an everlasting contest, which continues with the fitness and Yoga activities on the beach.

Target Audience: International cancer patient advocacy group representatives, scientific experts and health professionals. View the detailed Awareness Activities program.



The exclusive ESGO Networking event on the 9th of September, held on the beach, combined Coctail, fireworks, Belly dance, Award-winning Animation Games and special live disco music with a DJ, for everyone to enjoy.

September 9th from 20:00 to 24:00 on the Beach of the Susesi Hotel



ENGAGe Executive Group

 The Newly elected ENGAGe Executive Group (EEG) presented at the State of The Art Conference in Antalya their role as patient advocacy groups representatives, and discussed the next patient seminar at the ESGO 2017 Congress in Vienna.


Watch the below presentations and discussion of the new ENGAGe Executive Group.


Murat Gultekin

Patient Seminar Chair

ENGAGe Co-Chair

Next Patient Seminar in 2017

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Esra Urkmez

Dance With Cancer, Turkey

ENGAGe Co-Chair

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Mihaela-Simona Ene

HomeCare Association, Romania


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Birthe Lemley

Danish Gynae Cancer Patient Society, Denmark


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Interested to watch what world experts and patient advocates representatives shared at the ENGAGe Patient seminar 2016?

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