Patient Seminar 2016: Program

World experts presented the most recent practice and findings on primary and secondary prevention strategies of gynaecological cancers, including: ovarian, cervical and endometrial cancers, as well as HPV vaccination and more.


Special issues for Patient Advocacy Groups as how to solve grant receiving barriers, fundraising opportunities and how to leverage the social media channel were presented on the second day of the program.


Explore the presentations below of the 2-days Patient Seminar Program, or download your copy of the Patient Seminar Report or watch what world experts and patient advocates representatives shared at the ENGAGe Patient seminar 2016 and access the ENGAGe channel now.


SESSION 1 : Gynecological Cancers:

Primary and Secondary Prevention Strategies




Prevention Strategies in Cancer

Tezer Kutluk,

Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), President

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Is It Time To Implement Ovarian Cancer Screening?

Samet Topuz,

Istanbul Medical Faculty,

Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Turkey

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Can Cervical Cancer Be Eradicated?

Cem İyibozkurt,

Istanbul Bilim University &

Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital, Turkey

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Screening in The Nonavalent Vaccine Era:What Do We Know and


What Do We Need to Know?

Joakim Dillner

Karolinska Institutet and

Karolinska Hospital, Sweden

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Obesity and Endometrial Cancer

Maria Kyrgiou,

Consultant Gynaecologic Oncologist,

Imperial College London, UK

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SESSION 2 : Special Issues for Patient Advocacy Groups




Barriers On Grant Receivingand The Ways To Solve Them

Eka Sanikidze,

Georgian Patient’s Union, Tbilisi Cancer, Georgia

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Fundraising: Don’t Reinvent The Wheeland Think Outside of The Box

Esra Urkmez,

Dance With Cancer, Turkey

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Social Media and "How To?"

Sertac Doganay


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