ENGAGe Patient Advocacy Week

We are bringing you the programme of the first ever Virtual Patient Advocacy Week!

As you can see in the attachment, there will be storytelling videos of our members and doctors shared regularly on our FB page as well as best practice videos in the FB groupExact times are indicated in the poster and all videos will stay on FB for later viewing!

Main programme:

Main programme is divided into sections:

  1. Webinars section on Thursday 3rd December 5 -7:40 pm
  2. Virtual classroom on Friday 4th December 4-5 pm
  3. Webinars section on Friday 4th December 5-7 pm
  4. Webinar and General Assembly on Saturday 5th December 10 am -12 pm
  5. Social events on  Saturday 5th December 1-7:30 pm

Important info: Registration:

  1. For webinars

Capacity is unlimited, but you need to send the first name, last name and email address of every person that will participate in order to be granted access to ENGAGe email. Deadline 20th November

  1. For Virtual Classrooms

Capacity is limited to 40, e.g. 10 participants per classroom. We will accept only 1 person per association. Rule for application - first come first serve. Deadline 20th November

All webinars will be recorded and will be available to members on the ENGAGe website. By participating you agree with the recordings.


Social events

We know you care about networking and social events. Virtual set up makes this challenging, but we hope we will offer you as close as possible connection through our emotional photography, line dance, yoga and cooking class sessions. Social events are open to ENGAGe members only!!

Please watch out for connection details that will be sent to you shortly to your email.