March 2019

Dear all,


We welcomed spring last week, sending warm greetings!


When we were writing this first article, it came to our mind that number one is going to be the critical point of this Newsletter.

It has been one year since we issued our first newsletter and we feel you appreciate this activity as you are contributing much more than at the beginning. Your contributions are amazing, and we would like to thank you not only for your contributions but also for all the activities you are doing.

We have already started working on our 2019 Patient Advocacy Seminar (Nov 1-3, in Athens), and this year, for the first time you are invited to submit a short abstract, which will give you a chance to have a poster at the Congress if accepted. By having a poster at the main congress hall will provide you with an opportunity to present all congress attendees regarding your projects/achievements/successful campaigns. The best way to reach so many doctors is to ask us! Don’t be afraid; you are not expected to write the academic abstract! It would be great to have the project abstract.

Karina Dahl Steffensen, Icó Tóth and Simona Ene have prepared the ppt presentation with an explanation of all the process of submitting the abstract. Murat Gultekin hold the first online ENGAGe webinar to explain everything in detail on March 15, 2019. If you haven’t found time to be present, you can watch it here. Don´t forget that the deadline for submission of the abstract is May 3.

You will get more information about how to apply for the Patient Advocacy Seminar soon.

This year, for the first time, we will celebrate the Gynaecologic Oncology Day (GO Day) on September 20th. All the team is working hard on the artistic concept, and we hope to be able to present it to you very soon! It is also time to introduce you to our new colleague in our Prague office, Jana Holanova. She is going to work partially for ENGAGe on the GO Day project. So, when you get an email from her, don’t be surprised as she is going to help Esra with this great project.

EEG representative, Birthe Lemley is enthusiastically working on the Clinical Trial project which would include, for the first time, very close cooperation between ENGAGe and ENGOT. We will keep you updated!

We can for the first time see the fruits of grant for prints of the different brochures. We are happy you are sending us pictures of spreading the leaflets to patients.

Let the spring bring you good mood and new energy for the projects! We will need you!

Esra Urkmez and Murat Gultekin

ENGAGe Co-Chairs