Participate in the European Commission "Europe's Beating Cancer Plan: Let's strive for more“

On the World Cancer Day, February 4, 2020, the European Commission has launched a new project called „Beat The Cancer“ which is a freely open consultation either for individuals or for experts.

From February 4, 2020 until April 28, 2020, it is possible to share your experiences, ideas and suggestions that would help in the fight against cancer in Europe.

Until March 3, 2020, suggestions on the „Roadmap“ for the Plan are being collected as a Step 1.

A public consultation is open until April 28, 2020 as a step 2.

Until July, specific topics will be then disussed by the European Parliament with the member states.

The cancer communities´ input to finalisation of the European Beating Cancer Plan (presentation expected at the end of 2020) will be very important and therefore a wide response to these consultations is very welcome.

The feedback of the European CanCer Organization (ECCO) on the consultation project can be found here:

Please share your experiences and suggestions!

All information regarding the consultation are available in all European languages here:

How to participate:

You can share your comments by clicking on “Give feedback”, registering yourself to the system and submitting your suggestion.

To participate in the open consultation, you need to “Enter the consultation”, go to “Respond to the questionnaire”, register or sign yourself and respond to the questionnaire with 22 questions.