We are bringing you the outcomes of the “Every Woman Study” conducted by World Ovarian Cancer Coalition (WOCC) as many of ENGAGe members has participated in this study!

The World Ovarian Cancer Coalition was formally established in 2016. Its mission is to ensure the best possible chance of survival, and the best quality of life for every woman with ovarian cancer – where ever she may live.

Today, the Coalition works with nearly 150 individual patient advocacy organizations from 37 countries around the world. The Coalition is especially delighted to work with and support important partner organizations like ENGAGe – who share our passion for raising awareness of ovarian cancer!

In addition to World Ovarian Cancer Day which is celebrated every year on May 8th the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition also recently published The Every Woman Study – an initiative designed to gather evidence about the experiences of women with ovarian cancer.  As part of the Study, WOCC surveyed over 1500 women from 44 countries – all women with experience of being diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Shockingly, the Study found that over two-thirds of women had not heard of ovarian cancer or knew anything about it prior to their own diagnosis. The Study also highlighted challenges related to getting a prompt and correct diagnosis, action on family history and lack of effective treatment and support.

Importantly, the Study concludes that no one country has all the answers and that there is potential for countries to learn from each other. For example:

  • Women in Germany had the shortest time to diagnosis, but much less access to specialist clinicians that are key to successful treatment.
  • Women in the UK have almost universal access to specialists but the lowest proportion of women diagnosed within a month of visiting a doctor.
  • Women in Japan had one of the shortest times to diagnosis, but very little access to genetic testing, and were least likely to get the emotional support they needed.
  • Women in the USA were most likely to wait more than three months before consulting a doctor about symptoms, but most likely to receive genetic testing.
  • Women with ovarian cancer in Hungary were most aware of ovarian cancer before their diagnosis, but were much less likely to be offered surgery to treat their disease.

The Every Woman Study was formally launched in 2018 at the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) conference. Since the launch the Coalition has focused on dissemination of the report’s findings with a view to discussion about how all of us, including patient advocacy groups and professionals, can work together to achieve the required change. WOCC is also working on a Global Ovarian Cancer Charter.

The World Ovarian Cancer Coalition Every Woman Study is available on our website www.worldovariancancercoalition.org.

For information about the Every Woman Study contact Frances Reid, at francesreidconsultancy@gmail.com