Dear ENGAGe Members, Dear Supporters of ENGAGe,

After busy season of congresses and national and local awareness days’ celebrations, summer is finally here!

ENGAGe team will be working on our ongoing projects as well as 2020 plans during this summer. Here is a very short recap on where we stand on all 2019 goals and projects:

  • Our Clinical Trial Project, collaboration between ENGAGe and ENGOT, is led by EEG member and President of KIU, Ms. Birthe Lemley from Denmark. ENGAGe has started this project as there has been a high demand for patients who can read and understand research material and who have had experience from their own disease and/or from others. We are working on putting a group of patients together, to be able to input patient perspective in the design and implementation of the clinical trials in the near future.
  • 2019 Patient Advocacy Seminar is approaching and we could not be more excited! After receiving so many applications, we are in process of finalizing ENGAGe travel grants by end of June. Our local power machine Maria Papageorgiou is planning ENGAGe Awareness Event in Athens! Stay tuned, we will bring you more detailed information soon!
  • Thank you for making a first in the history for ENGAGe: many of our members have submitted their abstracts for 2019 PAS. The evaluation committee was amazed by the number of abstracts but also by the activities you were presenting. All members, who submitted the abstracts, were already informed about the results and the rest of you may look forward to the posters and presentations in Athens.
  • Last but not least we would like to inform you on our progress of the World Gynaecological Oncology Day, World GO Day project. In the month of June, you will be receiving Sponsorship Presentation and marketing tool kits to help you find local funding for the celebration. We are also working on teaming up our global sponsor partners’ local offices with each ENGAGe member for a bigger impact. Join us and celebrate with us September 20th as World Gynaecological Oncology Day (GO Day)! 22 NGOs mostly from Europe, USA and Asia will organize various events on this day. A symbolic game against gynaecological cancers will be played. Survivors, caregivers and HC Professionals will meet in a basketball/volleyball/soccer game with attendance of our volunteers from professional sports club. You can support us on social media as well, produce your own content with the hashtag #GOfor.

List of the countries participating in GO Day: Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, UK.


Dear Members, we all are wishing you nice and calm summer and we are looking forward to seeing most of you in Athens!

Esra Urkmez and Murat Gultekin, ENGAGe Co-Chairs