March 2018 Newsletter

March 2018 Newsletter

Welcome word


Dear Friends,

Welcome to ENGAGE Newsletter’s first issue. ENGAGe is a European Network of Cancer Advocates and Volunteers. All of our members show great efforts to change the history of fight against gynaecological cancers in Europe. Many of NGOs working in this field was not only well represented in their home countries but also in general cancer policies of Europe. And ENGAGE will be the real umbrella for coming together, giving hand in hand and raising all standards of care in gynaecological cancers.

This magazine will bring us closer, by sharing with us what happens in the field of science recently, what our member NGOs do in their countries and what we can do together. It will make us stronger in the near future.  I am extremely grateful for ESGO Office Support and the efforts of Eva Streglova, our new brain in the office who will make this dream a reality. Please do not hesitate to share with us your stories, successes and your news so that we can publish them.

See you on the next issues.

Murat Gultekin

ENGAGe Chair


It was about time that we had our own Newsletter! :).

Although ENGAGe was founded in 2012, we are being more active and visible since 2016, and this newsletter is another way of showing the industry, you and us and what we achieve as a group and what ENGAGe stands for.

We have concluded 2017 with success, with the help of our Patient Seminar in Vienna, which you will find a link in this issue. We almost finalized Lyon Seminar details, which we will share with you in next issue.

Our joint efforts, our survey “What Patients Want to tell their Doctors” is under review for publication submission. We are not able to share the full results with you until then. But hang tight please, your efforts will pay off in Acknowledgement section of the publications.

In 2018, we are working on Survey Stage 2: Improving the Care in Poland and in Czech Republic.

Soon, you will get an email from us, asking for your help on translating our fact sheets into your mother languages. After ESGO and ENGAGe reviews the final product, we will be sending you the translated version for sharing, and once again, acknowledging your organizations.

As you see, you make us visible, you make us powerful and we will change the care in Gynecological Cancers in the future together.

Thank you for being part of our ENGAGe family,

Esra Urkmez

ENGAGe Co-Chair