Ready, steady, GO…..for the World GO Day 2022 campaign!

On July 6th, also known as International Kissing Day, the 2022 World GO day campaign started! Purple lips are one of the symbols of World GO Day, and we’re very happy to take this chance to launch our World GO Day 2022 campaign!
Our key message for this year is:

Protect your health every day!

Get yourself and your community ready for September 20th!
Our GO Purple campaign will make everyone aware about gynaecological cancers. The focus this year is endometrial cancer. BECAUSE: physical activity can reduce the risk of getting this cancer! And that’s why every step counts!
So get set to GO Purple and try your hand at healthier living!

So how can you join our campaign?

  1. Register your activity on the map

Our interactive map is waiting for you again this year! Just register any activity or event you are planning for GO Day 2022.

  1. Join the World GO Day challenge

a) Choose one low-intensity physical activity: an activity your members love, something typical for your country or something you’d like to do during your WGOD event. Maybe it’s dancing, maybe it’s walking or biking or hula hoop!

b) Make a short (15 – 30 sec) real-life video showing how you enjoy this activity together. Be sure to capture your positive mood and energy!

c) Don´t forget to wear something purple or put on purple lipstick and include the key message of WGOD 2022: Protect your health every day!




d) Publish your video on social media, encourage people to follow your example and spread the word about our challenge with the hashtag #GOForHealthyLivestyle

e) Send us your videos any time in July through to mid-August at worldgoday@esgo.org. Each week we’ll choose one super inspiring video, share it via WGOD channels and ask people to try this activity out for at least 7 days.


  1. Use our post generator on the website + share your photos, videos, the tag @worldgoday and use the hashtag
  2. Check the updates from our e-shop and get ready for World GO Day!

To know more visit: https://www.worldgoday.org/