Ride 4 Women


A traditional ambitious bicycle tour this year across 7 European countries: Norway – Sweden- Denmark – Germany – Czech Republic – Austria.

Ride 4 Women is a women’s cancer awareness initiative in cooperation with ESGO and ENGAGe This year bicycle tour is aimed at raising awareness and education about cervical cancer prevention and treatment options, early detection and diagnostics. It´s focused on lifestyle management to encourage women to do a physical activity and thus actively help to reduce the number of deaths related to women cancer and to prevent gynaecological diseases.

This year, Ride 4 Women bicycle tour starts on 3rd of July in Oslo, carrying the message “Be active – choose life”, through six European countries, and ends in Vienna on 16th of July. Numerous volunteers are involved in organization of awareness events at etape cities, big bravo and thanks to all of you.

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Be active and join in the Ride 4 women!

ENGAGE would like to use this opportunity to express sincere gratitude to all sponsors and hundreds of volunteers who supported these extraordinary and very important activities.