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Hungary, Mallow Flower

XIV. European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week

Hungary ’20-26 January 2020’

The Mallow Flower Foundation joined again the XIV. European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week in this year. This is the seventh time we have organized Prevention Week in Hungary.
The aim of the campaign is to provide women and men again-and-again with as much information as possible about HPV, cervical cancer, prevention, treatment and after-care, whether they themselves, a family member or friend affected.

We used 2 main lines our Prevention Campaign.

One of these was the ’original Mallow activity’. We  mobilized cities and villages to join and organize local events as an „Mallowflower Ambassador”. In 2020 150 (!) cities and villages became „Mallow Ambassador” across Hungary, so we’re very-very proud. Everywhere was held a Cervical Cancer Prevention Day/Evening with a variety of educational presentations, events, beading, with the aim of focusing more intensively on cervical cancer, HPV and disease-related prevention options this week. In addition to preventive lectures, beading/ making pearl bracelets has become a tradition at several venues.  The „Mallowflower Ambassadors” give the bracelets to the gynecological wards of their hospitals, to those who are awaiting or have undergone cervical cancer surgery, with the message: they are not alone!

Supportive help has tremendous power, as does the mallow flower, which is strong, persistent and very beautiful. It's like the female soul, it just happens that the petals get damaged ...

Year and year we - the founder/leader of Mallow Flower Foundation usually travel and get part in the local events. These are so important in our life too, because we feel the love even closer and got many-many fantastic inspirations from the enthusiastic and dedicated local people eg. Majors, Doctors, Health Visitor, Patients etc.


The 2nd main line of the Mallow Flower Prevention Campaign was an online- awareness campaign in the hole social media platforms.  We see, hear and think, that our almost constant presence in he Internet and social media not only gives space in the message of the campaign, but also defines its theme. Its purpose is to draw attention in the fact that, while communication is an integral part of our daily lives, we often tend to share completely unnecessary information, while at the same time ignoring each other for really important – often vital – things. Such as certain illnesses – we are uncomfortable talking about or we don’t have enough information.
So we made a short video-film/clip  which title is ’Fontos amit megosztasz ?/! ’ ~ ’ What’s important you share?6!’ And made a # ; #dumahelyett ~ instead of spiel (cca 😊)  Lots of popular Hungarian people – actors, youtubers, singers appear in the film.

We use the „#dumahelyett” branding everywhere and share the video, made gif-s from the video  throughout the week. By the way the film has an english subtitle in the YouTube!

With this „#dumahelyett„ /# =>slogan/ , we want to encourage anyone with a presence in the social media at any level to try to talk to their friends about topics that may not be entertaining, but which are extremely important, with or without blank content. We believe, Information is one of the most important means of prevention!

The link of the film :

At that moment 217 965 people saw the film in the YouTube !!!




We could possibilites to bring the prevention messages to the media (TV, radio) :