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Poland, Eurydyki Association

Eurydyki Association was founded in 2014 and operates at the University Oncology Centre of University Clinical Hospital in Bialystok, Poland. It brings together women with past gynaecological and oncological surgeries. Currently, there are approximately 40 women volunteers in the association. The main goals of Eurydyki are:

  • to help women before, during, and after gynaecological cancer treatment,
  • to educate women about gynaecological cancers, their risk factors, prevention, and early detection.

The association accomplishes our goals through a number of activities described below


  • The conference “Ovarian Cancer - How to Live with It?”, organized every year since 2016 on 8 May which is the World Ovarian Cancer Day. Its purpose is to educate women about various aspects of gynaecological cancers, ranging from prevention, through treatment methods, to the psychological aspects of the disease.
  • Educational campaign in cooperation with the Helios cinema before film shows as part of the "Women's Cinema.”
  • Meetings organized jointly with the National Health Fund to educate the population of Bialystok about gynaecological cancers.
  • Participation in “Cancer Is not a Death Sentence” marches and other city festivals.

Projects for patients during gynaecological cancer treatment

Eurydyki operates at the University Oncology Centre (UOC) whose medical staff cooperates with the association and supports its activities. The projects very often (but not only) affect patients in this specific centre.

  • In 2019 the Eurydyki Association started a project "Share a Holiday Book" in which sharing the books and DVDs would allow to create a small library for patients. The action was advertised in the press, television, and social media and the response was overwhelming. The association received hundreds of books, both from individuals and from publishers, and have purchased several portable DVD players. The project enabled the patients to read books and to watch films during their stay in the oncology centre.
  • In January 2020 we organized “Share Your Femininity” event. Under this ambiguous slogan, many colourful scarves and headscarves were collected from all over Poland thanks to campaign media support. After the scarves are sorted by type, design, and colour, beautiful headgears for women undergoing chemotherapy will be sewed by the dressmakers.
  • Twice a week Eurydyki volunteers visit the UOC to talk with patients about their experiences related to diagnosis and treatment.
  • Polish government allows taxpayers to designate 1% of their taxes to a charitable organization of their choice. With funds that the Eurydyki Association receives from this source, special pillows and appliances, such as a fridge, kettle, and a microwave oven were bought to make the patients, especially those who undergo chemotherapy, feel somewhat at home during their hospital stay.
  • Special events for the UOC patients, such as decorating Christmas trees are organized to allow the patients to take the disease off their mind.

Projects for patients after treatment

We stay in touch with patients after treatment. Several of our projects focus on providing our patients and their relatives with post-treatment mental support and education focusing on lifestyle changes and awareness of how to take care of themselves.

  • Psychological and dietary workshops “How to Effectively Increase Your Own Value? Understand Emotions and Feelings."
  • Educational workshops "I Examine Myself. I Am Sure.", where we learn how to take care of our own health, e.g., how to perform breast self-examination.
  • Support groups meetings like bonfire or cinema outings.
  • Monthly meetings of the association that provide patients with the opportunity to talk with each other and exchange experiences.