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“YES to life YES to Prevention” campaign by K.E.F.I.


Greece –  K. E. F. I. – “YES to life YES to Prevention” campaign

On World Women’s Day, Erifyle KEFI of Athens organized a series of actions in order to raise public awareness on Gynecological Cancer.

On Saturday March 2, we said “YES to life YES to Prevention”. At the Mall of Athens in a specially-designed venue at the city shopping center, women of all ages had the opportunity to learn about the ways of prevention like the preventive vaccination and other ways; questions and concerns were answered by valid experts;   informative material was given. They were asked to give us their reason why prevention is vital.

At the same time, an online survey was conducted to capture women’s awareness of preventive control, the results of which will be published shortly.

I am happy to say that a big percentage of the young girls that visited us had already been vaccinated for HPV.

On Thursday, March 7th, a conference was held in the Amphitheater of the Hellenic Pasteur Foundation, where distinguished speakers informed us on various matters like “When is possible to have Fertility Sparing” “The latest approach on ovarian Cancer” “Endometrial Cancer” “HPV vaccination and ‘Grecoself’ study” (on self DNA Testing). A former patient shared her story and our clinical psychologist talked to us about the changes on the sexual life of a gynecological cancer patient.The event was broadcast live on the internet and we can find them at our You Tube channel.

And last but not least on Friday 8 of March, KEFI volunteers visited the oncology clinics on 4 Athenian Hospitals and offered flowers and smiles to women who battle cancer telling them that we are with them on the difficult road that they are walking.