ENGAGe 2022 plans and projects

Dear ENGAGe members,

Happy 2022!

We’re delighted to update you about the 2022 ENGAGe projects which were approved by the ENGAGe Executive Group (EEG) in line with the ENGAGe strategic goals, mission and vision defined in 2020.

The newly elected EEG members have already taken up their tasks enthusiastically! We hope to be able to hold a face-to-face meeting in Spring for the entire EEG  – including the newly appointed clinicians from ESGO.

What else is new? We’re now preparing information about all our 2022 projects for ENGAGe’s website.  We’ll be updating the site regularly since bringing you information is one of ENGAGe’s aims.

As usual, in 2022 you can look forward to our Patient Advocacy Seminar (PAS), which will take place from October 28 to October 30 in Berlin. The working group is already working hard on the agenda and accompanying programme!

Mark your diaries as well for our GO Day awareness events, which will be held this year on September 20!  You can expect more instructions from us about this soon. The 2022 theme will be endometrial cancer, and we’re planning to involve our TEENs in GO Day events even more this year. So, stay tuned!

Our Quality-of-Life series will also continue with the Sexual health survey and also a new topic of Menopause. So far, our plans include a new brochure, webinars and podcasts as well as special lectures during the 2022 PAS in Berlin.

You probably noticed that last year’s theme, “Sexual health” was very successful – we hope you’ve had a chance to check out the new Libido brochure on our website.  ENGAGe members are more than welcome to prepare translations of this brochure into different languages (please contact the ENGAGe Office before starting your translation).

We’re planning at least three educational webinars for you in coming months. These will take place in March, May and September on the topics of cervical cancer, ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer. And there will be more informal online meetings in June (to mark the summer solstice) and before the end of the year (for Christmas).

You can also expect to see more brochures on different topics. Our Recurrence in Gynaecological Cancers brochure is now ready and can be found on ENGAGe‘s site.

Additional brochures are forthcoming on these topics:

  • PARP inhibitors
  • Dealing with end of life
  • Genetic testing
  • Endometrial cancer

Our ENGAGeTEENs project is growing fast, and we’re happy to see that so many young people are keen to participate in awareness-raising. The group continues to translate the ENGAGe TEENs brochure into different languages and is also working on participant education, GO Day activities and much, much more!

The Clinical Trials project will continue in partnership with ENGOT – there will be more educational events for project participants (meetings in person and webinars are being prepared). The team is also planning its next steps – including bringing basic information about clinical trials to a wider audience.

ENGAGe is involved in the RIsk-based Screening for Cervical Cancer (RISCC) project, and the ambassadors will have the opportunity to share their experiences with you.

Plus, we hope to organise another member requests survey – These surveys always help us evaluate our current projects and prepare new ones for the coming year. ENGAGe may also join the International Survey for EndoMetrial Cancer Patients: PeRspectiVe and Expectations of Therapy and Quality of Life, which is being prepared by ENGOT.

ENGAGe will continue its cooperation with WHO on the cervical cancer elimination project (in close partnership with ESGO’s Prevention Committee). And we’ll be working together with the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition on World Ovarian Cancer Day on May 8 and on GO Day.


The Patients’ Digital Pathway is another new project which you will hear more about in 2022. As part of this project and the Ovarian Cancer Commitment, a new website will be launched to guide patients through their illness.

You may have also noticed that we’ve been upping our game and expanding ENGAGe’s presence on social media. We plan to continue these efforts as we find this outreach so important.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if any of your members would like to join any of the working groups for these ENGAGe projects.

We’ll be emailing you the latest news about each of these projects and also posting updates on the ENGAGe website. If you have any questions at all, please contact the ENGAGe office at engage@esgo.org

Finally, we’re pleased to report that the same team is there to support you in the ENGAGe office this year: Eva Streglova is responsible for the Secretariat and ENGAGe office coordination; Iva Zahradníková, Zuzana Santamaria and Jana Holanova are running various ENGAGe projects.

We’ve prepared a lot for you, and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone get involved!


Petra Adámková and Jalid Sehouli

ENGAGe Co-Chairs