ESGO-ENGAGe SURVEY: Perspective of Gynecological Cancer Patients During COVID-19 Pandemia

The survey is conducted by ENGAGe member societies in cooperation with ESGO clinicians in different European countries to evaluate the effects of COVID with a patient perspective for the first time in the literature as cancer patients are at high risk for severe cases of COVID-19.

The results will be interimly published at our web page and final results will be released ina journal scientific publication by June.

In an oncology setting in which patients are known to be at high risk for severe COVID-19, preventing cancer patients from being exposed to COVID-19 is a critical public health priority. However, there is no report in the literature reflecting the perspectives of gynaecological cancer patients facing both COVID thread and also facing such modifications in their treatment and follow-up, in such a short time.

Primary aim of this study is to evaluate the impression of COVID pandemic over the gynaecological cancer patients and the patients’ attitudes and experiences upon modifications of their cancer care.

Secondary aim of this survey is evaluating the depression and anxiety scores of gynaecological cancer patients during the pandemic are the secondary aims of the study.

We are bringing you the interim results.