ESGO and ENGAGe together during the Covid-19 crises

ESGO President Professor Philippe Morice and ESGO Vice-President Professor Nicole Concin are supporting ENGAGe members by this letter.


ESGO clinicians are greeting and cheering up ENGAGe members during the difficult Covid-19 virus crises through following videos:

Professor Murat Gultekin, ENGAGe Co-Chair

Professor Jalid Sehouli, Charité, Berlin, Germany

Professor Ingacio Zapardiel, Hospital Universitarion La Paz, Madrid, Spain

Dr. Zoltan Novak, M.D., PH. D., Head of Department of Gynaecology, National Institute of Oncology Budapest, Hungary

Professor Christina Fotopoulou, Department Of Gynaecology, Imperial College London, NHS Trust London, UK

Dr. Dimitrios Haidopoulos, MD, PhD, Alexandra Hospital, Athens, Greece