Europe’s only patient advocacy group network defines new mission, vision statement

ENGAGe’s redefined mission is “To empower a patient-centric approach to gynaecological cancer care, research and prevention through awareness, advocacy and education.”


The new mission statement clarifies the work ENGAGe has been doing since it was founded in 2012 to empower patients and amplify patient voices. To reflect this, the network’s new tagline is “The European Voice of Gynaecological Cancer Patients!”


Guided by the mission, the tagline and its new vision of “Prevention of gynaecological cancers and access to the best treatment,” ENGAGe will renew its focus on its ongoing projects and plan for expansions in scope and membership in the coming years.


ENGAGe’s projects include World GO Day, a worldwide gynaecological cancer awareness event held yearly on September 20, the rewriting of medical guidelines into simplified language for laypeople and translating them into European languages, involving patient voices in clinical trial projects, and holding yearly patient advocacy seminars. The next ENGAGe Patient Advocacy Seminar will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, in December, and will run concurrently with its parent organization’s event, the ESGO 2020 State of the Art Conference.

ENGAGe, a group of 58 advocacy groups, operates under the European Society for Gynaecological Oncology (ESGO), which also recently adjusted its mission and vision statement.


EEG members on their annual meeting in Budapest