Management of Patients before and after the COVID19 Pandemic webinar on September 8

Joint ESGO and ENGAGe webinar entitled Management of Patients before and after the Covid-19 pandemic will be held on Sept 8, 2020, 18:00-19:00 CEST. This webinar is primarily intended for doctors and the professional healthcare community, however it is our great pleasure to invite you, as ENGAGe member representative, to participate in it for free.

In the first section, Prof. Murat Gultekin and Ms. Icó Tóth will outline the results of the ENGAGe survey, and the results of the ESGO-ENGOT survey will be presented by Prof. Sara Nasser. Prof. Anna Fagotti and Prof. Jalid Sehouli will present the medical reorganisation and communication in the new normal. Lastly, there will be a panel of doctors and patient advocates, who will discuss related topics. Our patient advocates Ms. Kim Hulscher, Ms. Icó Tóth, Ms. Charo Hierro and Ms. Alessia Sironi will participate in the panel.

Cancer patients are at high risk for severe cases of COVID-19. There is no report in the literature reflecting the perspectives of gynaecological cancer patients facing both COVID thread and also facing such modifications in their treatment and follow-up, in such a short time. This is why ENGAGe produced a survey on this topic, gathered almost 1500 responses and will present the result in its webinar entitled Management of Patients before and after the COVID19 Pandemic.