Welcome word


Happy Spring to You All!

Who can resist to smile, after seeing the bright sun and blooming flowers.

ENGAGe has been very busy this month, translating our Ovarian and Cervix Cancer Factsheets into several languages:

Czech, Danish, Dutch Finnish, French, Georgian, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

Once each translation is done by the Patient Organizations and once an ESGO Member Clinician reviews the final product, we will be sharing the final PDF products with you, so you can share them on social media, and also email them to your members.

ENGAGe will also work with non-profit organizations on printing and distribution of these factsheets in every country.

Yes, we have a long way to go, but trust me, we already passed the "walking" stage and we are ready to "run" with all of you. Thank you once again for the team work!

As many of you might remember from the previous welcome words, we are working on a PILOT Project Structure in Czech Republic and in Poland, “Improving the Care”. With the help of our sponsors, we will be running a Pilot Project in 2 centers for 9 months, for improving the care in these centers by:

–  distribution of educational material including their type of cancer, nutrition, psychology, sexual help

–  free dietician and psycho-oncology support on site

–  knowledge on Patient Organizations so patients can share stories and learn from each other and also be active even thru or after treatment.

I am so excited, WE are so excited! Looking forward to share more achievements next month! Enjoy the sun, enjoy the flowers, enjoy life.

Esra Urkmez
ENGAGe Co-Chair