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“Put it in the Window-Shop” – Campaign for early detection of Ovarian Cancer

My name is Icó Tóth. I had cervical cancer in 2011, after my second daughter was born. Recovering from my operation and radiotherapy, I was looking for a civil organization in Hungary against cervical cancer to work for, but unfortunately I did not  found any.

I was passing my disease with so much love and peace. I learnt not to fight,as fight always brings lost. Something was born from my way, indeed, I had a task to find my way...    I was writing my story all the time during my illness and a book was born from it with the title ' All moms recover'. I decided to help all women to avoid this horrible disease. At the end of the book, also called Libellus, I added my e­mail address. Lots of mails have arrived from women after or under cervical cancer treatment. They all feel being alone.

In 2013 we started ​ Mallow Flower Foundation for the recovery of women with cervical cancer and for prevention ​with some very committed fellows.

Three years passed, meanwhile​ we could move the country (1200 diseases, 450 deaths in this small country per year), we helped for lots of women and families, organized a rehabilitation pilot program for those who are after the treatment and I must tell you there is no any special rehabilitation after cervical cancer in Hungary although we need it so much! We work more with our hurt, creativity and want to help as much women.

Mallow Flower Foundation launched a campaign in 2015 for the early detection of ovarian cancer, Famous Hungarian actresses and women stood into the shop window with the draw on their belly’s skin.



Mallow Flower Foundation 


The Mallow Flower is the flower of the mature woman. It is persistent, strong and very beautiful. Every woman is a Mallow Flower, but sometimes our petals get damaged. That is why we have to take care of ourselves, take care of us!

The Mallow Flower Foundation is the first and, so far, the only non-governmental organization in Hungary whose specific aim is to help the recovery of women with cervical cancer, to help improve their quality of life and also to raise awareness of the importance of prevention among healthy women. Our vision is that not one single woman is lost due to cervical cancer in Hungary!

From 2015 the Foundation also helps women diagnosed with ovarian cancer, putting an emphasis on early detection.

Among other things, the Mallow Flower Foundation co-operates with patients and their families, doctors, nurses, foundations, professional organizations, and non-governmental supporters. Today the Mallow Flower Foundation is a connecting link between the public, the involved parties and the professional organizations.

The Foundation is a community of volunteers. Body and soul, we work with the strong faith that with our knowledge, creativity, and relationships we can improve the terrible state of health care in Hungary.

The slogan ’I am a Mallow Flower, too!’ makes women committed and proud, and makes us see how important it is to take care of ourselves, have regular screening, and apply the means of prevention.

Here you find the video from the launch of the campaign.