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Article ‘A smart girl will do her screening on time’! on the importance of the cervical screening is here:

Wendy, volunteer for Olijf, tells about how cervical cancer was discovered during her screening.


The article ‘The number of women that takes part in the screening for cervical cancer does not increase’:

Olijf talks about the importance of HPV vaccinations and cervical screening.


‘Only 6 out of 10 women takes part in the cervical cancer screening’

Olijf explains that especially women between the age of 35 and 50 participate less in the cervical cancer screening.


‘Kim had cervical cancer; now it is a matter of dealing with your new health’

Kim, volunteer of Olijf, talks about the severeness of cervical cancer treatment and the late effects. She also shares the importance of sharing your story and experiences with other survivors.

Wendy, volunteer of Olijf, talks in the popular magazine about being diagnosed with cervical cancer and the reocurrence of the tumor, after which her vagina, anus, bladder, overies and part of her colon were removed. 

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