2019 ENGAGe Seasonal Greetings


Dear ENGAGe members, supporters and friends


Thank you for the cooperation and support you have devoted to ENGAGe this year. Without YOU, ENGAGe could not follow through with all our great plans!

In November, ENGAGe elected new members to the ENGAGe Executive Group (EEG) representing patient advocates. The new EEG is planning to continue with the ENGAGe projects already in motion and is preparing new ones for you!

The EEG will also prepare a new 3- and 5-year strategy for our network in February. We’ll tell you all about it in the next ENGAGe Newsletter.  We are looking forward to the new plans and our future cooperation with you!

We would like to wish you all happy holidays and all the best in the coming year!

Icó Tóth and Murat Gultekin

ENGAGe Co-Chairs