Examples of clinical trials supplied by pharma


April 2021, Genmab

FDA approved tisotumab vedotin for the treatment of patients with recurrent or metastatic cervical cancer with disease progression on or after chemotherapy.

In  recurrent and metastatic cervical cancer we have less therapies. Therefore we welcome all possibilities. Although it is FDA approved, hopefully we will hear about EMA approval soon! Read the whole Press Release here.


April 2021, Karyopharm


March 2021, GSK

Dostarlimab RUBY Infographic

Niraparib NOVA Clinical Trial Overview

Niraparib AVANOVA

Niraparib QUADRA

Niraparib OPAL Clinical Trial

GARNET Trial Overview Infographic

Niraparib PRIMA Trial Infographic

Niraparib FIRST infographic

Niraparib MOONSTONE Infographic

Niraparib OVARIO Infographic

Niraparib Ovarian Cancer Clinical Trials Overview

PLS POSTER Dostarlimab GARNET PRO Kristeleit ESMO 2020

PLS Poster ENGOT-EN6 NSGO-RUBY, Mirza M, ASCO 2020