ENGAGe celebrates the 10th anniversary this year!

10th anniversary of ENGAGe 

It has been a long journey for ENGAGe but we have achieved a lot! ENGAGe members preapred a birthday video!

ENGAGe is a network of 76 European patient advocacy groups from 30 European countries!

ENGAGe projects done by ENGAGe members every year!

  • Patient Advocacy Seminars – every year in the margin of ESGO Congress
  • ENGAGe brochures – 18 different types of brochures, translated into 25 different languages which is 196 brochures in total and 4 guidelines summaries
  • ENGAGe-ENGOT Clinical trials project – educating patients on clinical trials
  • Quality-of-Life project – improving life of patients on different levels – educational material, webinars, surveys, presentations, and many more
  • World GO Day – Raising Awareness about Gynaecological Cancers – Each Year on September 20 (since 2019)
    • Celebrating Countries: 34 (Italy, Turkey, Czech Republic, USA, Estonia, Romania, France, Latvia, Hungary, Netherlands, Spain, Georgia, Greece, Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Kazakhstan, UK, Serbia, Ireland, Germany, Iraq, Switzerland, Israel, Austria, Denmark, Poland, Slovenia, Ukraine, India, Belarus, Macedonia, Singapore, Venezuela)
    • Celebrating Organization: over 80, Number of Activities: at least 130


  • Webinars and educational courses – at least 7 webinars every year on different topics
  • Teens
    • 10 countries involved incl. USA and Canada
    • TEENs HPV brochure – ongoing translations (7 language versions up to now)
    • 2 Comics produced – „What HPV is“ and „Why screening is important“
    • Involvement of TEENs in other ENGAGe projects (webinars, GO Day, PAS in Berlin – 2 posters etc.)

And you know why is ENGAGe so powerful? Thanks to ENGAGe members and ESGO support!

  • ENGAGe is governed by patients/patient advocates together with ESGO clinicians
  • Clinical Trials project done in cooperation of ENGAGe and ENGOT
  • ENGAGe brochures written by ENGAGE and ESGO representatives
  • Patient Advocacy Seminars – the latest information about treatments brought to patients by ESGO clinicinas
  • Sexual health project done in cooperation of ENGAGe and ENYGO

We were happy we could celebrate the anniversary with most of ENGAGe members during the 2022 Patient Advocacy Seminar.