Patient Seminar 2018

Lyon, October 5-6, 2018


Patient Seminar took place during the ESGO 2018 State of the Art Conference in Lyon, France. 

The 2018 program featured a wide range of topics, including the latest updates on Rare tumours, Quality of Life and Fertility in Cancer as well as key points on how to collaborate with other networks.

This year, we continued with the format of roundtable discussions and added a second session: first one with leading experts on “What is New in Gynaecological Cancer” and  second one in “Best practices from ENGAGe Members – How to…“.

Explore the presentations below of the 2-days Patient Seminar Program.

Read the Final Report of the Patient Seminar 2018.


What Have We Learned from 2017 ESGO Congress in Vienna

Murat Gultekin, Turkey and Kamil Zalewski, Poland


Hereditary Syndromes, Genetic Testing and Gynaecological Cancers

Nicoletta Colombo, Italy


What is a Rare Tumour and It's Treatment Options

Domenica Lorusso, Italy


Quality of Life and Late Treatments Effects

Florence Joly, France


Cancer in Pregnancy and Fertility Sparing Surgery

Fréderick Amant, Belgium


What is ENGAGe

Esra Urkmez, USA


What is ENYGO

Kamil Zalewski, Poland


What is ENGOT

Antonio Gonzalez, Spain


How to Make a Patient Organization Poster

Karina Dahl Steffensen, Denmark


How to search in PubMed and ESGO Journal

Dina Kurdiani, Georgia


Awareness Campaign - Cervical and Ovarian Cancer

Birthe Lemley, Denmark and Icó Tóth Hungary


Round table discussion presentation on Clinical Trial

Birthe Lemley, Denmark