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Ovarian Cancer Awareness Campaign encouraged 100.000 women to take action!

Every year on May 8, the Ovarian Cancer day, KIU – Women with Gynaecological Cancer launches an awareness campaign.

The last couple of years KIU has boosted the campaign on the internet and Facebook page.

KIU has a campaign website with information about the disease, a video and a test that KIU encourages women to take.

This year KIU reached over 600.000 people (there are only about 5 million people in Denmark) with the awareness campaign and approx. 100.000 women took the test, the result of the test can be printed and presented to the doctor.


KIU – Women with Gynaecological Cancer

KIU is a patient organisation for women who have or have had gynaecological cancer.

The organisation is based in Denmark where there are around 1500 cases of gynaecological cancer each year. The organisation has around 450 members.

The organisation works non-profit. There is no office and no employees. All the work is being carried out on a voluntary basis by the board member – all of whom have or have had gynaecological cancer.

The purpose of the organization is:

  • to help and support women in Denmark, who have or have had gynaecological cancer and also their next of kin in a compassionate way.
  • to gather knowledge and experience on all aspect of the different types of gynaecological cancer.
  • to be the mouthpiece for women with gynaecological cancer towards the public, the healthcare system and the politicians.
  • to help secure homogeneous treatment possibilities of a high standard everywhere in the country and to help ensure that women get proper information about the disease and its treatment options.
  • to work on improving long-term survival of women with gynaecological cancer.
  • to bring gynaecological cancer more into focus.
  • to build a strong network of contact groups.
  • to work with similar patient organisations in other countries.